About LCYC

What is the Lloydminster Community Youth Centre?

Lloydminster Community Youth Centre (LCYC) is a safe, fun and non-judgemental place where youth ages 12-18 can spend their evenings. LCYC opened in 1994, and has operated under many different names, but the goal of providing the youth with a safe place to go and be themselves has always remained the same. We have up to 6000 youth visits each year and we strive to respond to their needs by providing engaging programs and services. For program descriptions check out the programs link under the drop in menu.

Governing Values

1. To provide a FUN hangout
a) Laid back, relaxed environment
b) Video games, pool, movies, music, internet access
c) Food & drinks

2. To Provide a SAFE atmosphere
a) Physically
i. Environment free from alcohol, drugs, smoking, bullying, violence

b) Emotionally
i. Environment with positive leaders, books, games, etc.
ii. Environment free from abusive language and degrading talk

c) Caring
i. Environment where youth feel valued in their individuality by leaders who are passionate about youth
ii. Peer to peer support

3. To provide authentic programs and activities
a) Program Facilitators / Staff and volunteers are planning new opportunities for youth to experience
b) Connecting with partnering agencies in delivering programs such as teen talks and outreach programming
c) Provide seasonal programming such as Wake A Thons, Special Retreats (RYPEN) and Summer Programs

4. To Invest in Youth
a) Providing opportunities in:
i. Skill development
ii. Adult-youth mentoring
iii. Leadership programs

Success Story!

We asked a long time youth member to describe her experiences while attending LCYC over the past 5 years, and this is what she had to say.

  1. What has changed for you as a result in attending LCYC programs?

“Attending LCYC and participating in the programs has changed my life in multiple ways. It has opened up my views of other people. I have made a lot of friends with other teens and even the leaders. The youth centre offers a lot of opportunities for kids who come. I have examples. This past summer I didn’t get to go camping with my family. We usually go every year. When my family didn’t go, my LCYC family did. They took us camping for almost a school week length of time. The other example I have is this Christmas. This year my family made the decision to not put up the same type of tree. It was an electric tree. I love putting ornaments on the tree but I didn’t get to do that so I we to the Youth Centre and helped decorate the LCYC tree. Along with these, I love the impact that the LCYC peeps have had on me. They give up so much of their time for us, it is a blessing”.

  1. What have you learned about yourself since attending LCYC programs?

“I have learned so much about my friendships and my future and how to take care of myself. I have learned that even some adults care about us teenagers long enough to see that we aren’t that bad and troublesome, for the most part. I have learned that friendship can happen with multiple, varying age differences. LCYC people have helped me prepare for my future plans and with the NOW factor as well. I have learned self-image tips and healthy relationship stuff. I know from attending LCYC is an amount I’ll NEVER be able to give back to the full”.