august 30

The Lloydminster Interval Home Society is dedicated to helping women, youth, and children find a safe space away from domestic violence, abuse, and homelessness. With many programs in place we strive to educate others on the impact of domestic violence and how to find support. LCYC is one of the cornerstone programs that helps youth develop skills to build healthy relationships.

LCYC’s “Chefs Got Your Back” was developed to bring awareness to the Lloydminster Community Youth Center (LCYC) and create opportunities for young leaders to be involved with the program that they love, the community they are a part of, and learn some important life skills along the way!

With great success from our past in person and virtual Chefs Got Your Back events we will end the summer with a bang, having our first post Covid in person event at LCYC! We hope you will join us for another successful Chefs Got Your Back and we thank you for your support of the women, youth, and children that we serve.

All proceeds from this event benefit The Lloydminster Community Youth Center and programs of the Lloydminster Interval Home Society.

For $15 you get a small bowl of each chili flavor and 1 voting ballot!
Get your ballots ready because the winning chili takes home 1st prize! Wanna vote twice? No Problem! Head to the ballot box table and for $2 you can buy yourself another vote!
Unique items will be silently auctioned off to the highest bidder and contacted 3-5 business days after the event. (No person under the age of 18 can bid on silent auction items.)
LCYC Youth and staff will give guest tours around the facility to see where exactly their donations are going, and how it helps the kids within our organization!