Have you been to the Lloydminster Community Youth Centre and seen the amazing space we have for teens? This space is so amazing because of the generosity of our community, you

As we see a ton of youth, we do run into times where we run out of items, or something breaks and we need to replace it! If you’re curious what sort of items they could use, we’re happy to share!

Please drop off all donations to our admin building located at 4201-47 Avenue.

  • Self-care items (toothpaste, deodorants (pit-stick), feminine hygiene, shampoo/conditioner, chap-stick)
  • PlayStation 4 controllers and Xbox controllers
  • Painting supplies (small to medium canvases, paint, brushes)
  • Pencils, pencil crayons, markers
  • Outdoor equipment (basketballs, soft balls, baseballs, badminton racquets with birdies, soccer balls, volleyballs)
  • D&D supplies (dice sets, miniatures, books, etc.)
  • Nail polish (specifically black is needed more than any other color)
  • Socks (ankle socks is preferred)
  • Nintendo Switch video games (Mario Party, Zelda, Pok√©mon)
  • Guitar Hero Controllers (Xbox 360)